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Sluts farm friendly

Sluts farm friendly
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Name: Ginny

Age: 55
City: Ranson
Hair: Red
Relation Type: Lonely Matures Looking Housewives Wanting Sex
Seeking: Ready Sexy Chat
Relationship Status: Divorced


This is a print version of story Mature Farmers Wife by nckboy from xHamster. She turned when she heard me and looked up with a warm friendly smile. Her oversized polo-shirt hung down showing her cleavage afrm her white bra keeping her big tits from dropping too much. She stood up and wiped her brow of sweat as it was now a hot day and flapped her shirt to circulate Sluts farm friendly air within.


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She slowly recovered and stood back up frienddly faced me. I sat next to her and felt her hand stroke down my back, I turned and saw the biggest smile on her face.

Her look was mesmerising when I looked up fark between her legs, her eyes wide open and out on stalks. I could feel it coming, brewing in my balls, then all of a sudden I erupted. She started to breath Sluts farm friendly and with her legs now parted her fanny opened up to reveal her rock hard clit and her knickers rubbing on it.

Milking me until my cum ran dry. My trousers were next to slip down, then her hand founds it way inside my boxers as our mouths touched once more. Next she started hoisting my shirt up and over my head and arms, then started to kiss my chest.

She moaned, then my cock twitched against her fanny again, I pushed in gently, wriggling a little until I found her love hole. She looked up at me, held her hand under her chin and opened her mouth, my load of cum ran from her mouth and in to her hand, just long enough to see it before she sucked it all back friendky her mouth and swallowed. I knelt in front of her, pulling the leggings the last inches until they were off, she leant back and raised her feet on to the bales and parted her legs.

She was as open as she could be and grunted with every little push until I was nearly Sluts farm friendly her.

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Her legs untwined from around my back eventually as she let me climb off from her. They were like bullets, all hard and round capped. My young hard cock started pounding her mature fanny and she started Sluts farm friendly back on to me with our bodies classing together. I felt her bra get tugged up and over her tits and now I was feeling her naked nipple as she turned her head for a kiss.

She rose with her wrapped fleece and put it inside the big hessian wool sheet that was strapped up to the rafters with rope.

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She started to undo me then I felt her leggings being pulled down over my hand. Her neck was willing to be kissed as she lent to one side while my fingers found her wet sopping fanny lips all warm and playable. Her face red with sweat just smiled, as she pulled her knicker back over her leaking fanny and took her polo-shirt of.

It wobbled like it had just came out from a jelly mould Sluts farm friendly I squeezed and twiddled with her nipple. As her arms stretched over her head her tits grew inside her bra until it looked like it was going to burst.

Her lips were big and bulging and there was her knickers coming from inside. I bent down and kissed her, she darm a little hesitant at first, but soon she was beginning to relax and before we knew, I was fully inserted in to her.

Her knickers were little more than a strip of 2 inch lace around her and the same that disappeared inside her fanny. I darted my tongue in to her box, flicking and savouring the taste of her juice. Every slow thrust was followed by a long moan through our kissing.

Every thrust was getting that little bit faster and every grunts she made getting that little bit louder. She came fxrm and our mouths touched, she kissed like a wanting, needy woman, already panting with excitement. I just looked on while pulling my gloves off as she hoisted her polo-shirt up to Sluts farm friendly her white sheer bra, bulging and overflowing with naked tit.

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It took little to turn her on and she was soon panting with desire as I played with her clit and fingered her. Time stood still as I looked on, watching her take my cum by the squirt full, then June pulled off my cock, slipping her hand down with her as she went.

She started to grunt, meaningfully as my cock explored new depths of her fanny and I moved my hand back down on to the bales. I was forcefully held down in to the heat of her fanny as she came, using me to raise herself off the bales.

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We both got dresses and started wrapping fleeces for the next couple of hours, every so often bumping and touching one and other as we put our wrapped fleeces in to the wool sheet. She took me in her mouth, right up to her hand, then started bobbing back and forth with speed while twisting and turning my cock with her hand. She froze but said nothing as I slipped a hand Sluts farm friendly inside the front rriendly her polo shirt.

She showed me once more before I got down on the ground with her to start on my first fleece. June wasted little time and dropped to her knees, pulled my boxers out over my cock and I watched as it sprang back up, just about hitting her in the face.

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It was only ever going to be a fast fuck and soon I was feeling through her hairy bush to her now very hard aroused clit. Letting go of her waist, I let my now limp cock slip from her love hole and watched as our love juices blarted out ffarm all the air that was pumped in to her. I lifted up on to one arm, breaking the seal of our lips while I took her mighty tit in to my other hand.

There to greet Sluts farm friendly was a very skimpy pair of lacy knickers that my fingers slipped over, but all was not lost as my fingers came to rest on her bulging fanny lips instead.

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She seemed to like her tits being played with and was Sluts farm friendly about it. I retched out and took her tit with my clean hand, filling the palm of my hand many times over while she kissed with new desire around my neck. The inevitable was about to happen, so soon, but my cock has been at boiling point darm I first came and saw her tits swinging in her bra. She pulled me in by my arse, holding us together while my cock pumped my seed in to her willing mouth.

I moved closer and dropped to her fanny, licking up her mighty slit, tasting and smelling the heat from her resent orgasm. The end.

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